Condemn the Antisemitic Judas Puppet Once and For All

Condemn the Antisemitic Judas Puppet Once and For All

On Good Friday, which this year coincided with the Jewish holiday of Passover, the Polish town of Pruchnik commemorated Good Friday by creating an effigy of Judas – with antisemitic stereotypes – that citizens then beat, hanged, beheaded, and set on fire before throwing into a river.

In this video, you can see many children enthusiastically beating the ‘Judas puppet’ with sticks as parents capture it on their smartphones. The effigy has sidelocks, a black hat, and a large nose.

Pruchnik, like many Polish towns, had a flourishing Jewish population before the Holocaust, but Jews did not return there after the Second World War.

It is impossible to be a faithful Christian and an antisemite. Jesus was a Jew. His mother was a Jew. His disciples were Jews. Hatred of the Jews is hatred of Christ.

All the more shocking is that this antisemitic stunt took place on a street named after John Paul II who, when he was pope, prayed at Yad Vashem: “Let us build a new future in which there will be no more anti-Jewish feeling among Christians or anti-Christian feeling among Jews, but rather the mutual respect required of those who adore the one Creator and Lord, and look to Abraham as our common father in faith.”

And, just as we condemn generalizations of all Jews, we condemn generalizations of all Poles. For this reason, this petition is to the mayor of the town where the effigy was burned, to the local bishop, and to the president of the country.

Sign our petition calling on the mayor, archbishop, and president to unequivocally condemn the antisemitic Judas puppet and end this hateful custom once and for all. Any replies from those petitioned will be added to this site as we receive them.

Wacław Szkoła, Mayor of Pruchnik

Adam Szal, Archbishop of Przemyśl

Prezydent Andrzej Duda podczas Zgromadzenia Narodowego w Poznaniu (cropped).jpg

Andrzej Duda, President of Poland

Sign the petition!

I call on Mayor of Pruchnik Wacław Szkoła, local Archbishop Adam Szal, and Andrzej Duda, President of Poland to unequivocally condemn and denounce the antisemitic Judas puppet in public and in the churches and to invite a Jewish leader or Holocaust survivor to the town to speak.

This petition is an initiative of the Philos Project Canada Chapter. The Philos Project is dedicated to promoting positive Christian engagement in the Middle East, pursuing the Hebraic tradition, and equipping Christians to take a stand against antisemitism. We will keep you posted on related initiatives. For information, please contact Chapter President Amanda Achtman: